How a Fire Alarm System Protects You in Baton Rouge

How a Fire Alarm System Protects You During Winter

From fireplaces to faulty holiday lights, your fire security system plays a crucial role in protecting your family throughout the winter. Maintaining and strengthening your home’s fire alarm system during the colder months could save lives in Baton Rouge. Of course, fire security is crucial during all months, but winter brings additional danger. 

Proactively creating a dependable fire defense system is vital to fire safety. You may find yourself thankful for taking the necessary precautions one day. Learn how to enhance your fire alarm system this winter with Custom Security Systems of Baton Rouge. 

What Kind of Fire Alarm System Should Your Baton Rouge Home Have?

Rapid detection is crucial while creating a fire safety plan for your home this winter. Your family can move to safety during those critical first moments of danger once alerted by the fire system. 

Carbon monoxide poisoning only takes a few minutes of silent exposure. And, the escape time from an active fire can take as little as five minutes. So, detectors play an essential role in a dependable fire safety system. You may be asking yourself about the differences between these detectors. Custom Security Systems’ experts are here to help break down the differences. 

Smoke Detectors

There are two different kinds of smoke detectors: ionization and photoelectric detectors.

  • Ionization detection technology uses small amounts of radiation technology to detect traces of smoke in the air. These alarms typically respond best to flaming fires.
  • Photoelectric technology uses a light source and sensors. The alarm sounds when smoke particles enter the light, which is more helpful against smoldering fires. This is because the black smoke of flaming fires can absorb light. 

Due to their unique strengths and weaknesses, neither smoke alarm is better than the other. The best fire alarm systems should have both kinds of smoke alarms in the home. No one can predict the type of fire that may start inside a home, and having both types of detectors enhances your fire safety.  

Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

Carbon monoxide detectors monitor for hard-to-detect fumes, especially while residents are asleep. Carbon monoxide poisoning is incredibly dangerous as it is hard for the human senses to detect it. This substance is capable of harming you within minutes. For this reason, Louisiana law requires every family home sold and leased to have at least one carbon monoxide detector as of June 2022

Heat Detectors 

As the name suggests, heat detectors alert homeowners to high heat levels within the home. Installing these alarms can help reduce damage and danger in a house fire before it consumes the home. Homeowners can respond quickly if a fire breaks out. 

Every minute during a fire counts. A quality fire alarm system connected to a monitoring station—like our Baton Rouge station—can help evacuate your home while alerting emergency responders of the situation. Even on holidays, our 24/7 monitoring station is ready to help at a moment’s notice. So if you are asleep or away from the house, you can depend on us to monitor for fires and other hazards. 

Alarm Placement and Other Crucial Safety Facts

Giving your family a strong defense starts with understanding the safest places for your alarms and following legal requirements. Staying up to date on your state’s fire safety laws is paramount for ensuring that necessary precautions are in place. Here are some fire safety requirements all Baton Rouge homeowners should follow according to Louisiana law. 

  • Smoke alarms should be placed inside and near the door of every separate sleeping area.
  • Smoke alarms should be located by the entrance to every level of the home. 
  • Your alarms should be interconnected and tested monthly. 
  • Homeowners should replace smoke alarms every ten years.

For more information about fire safety, the Baton Rouge Fire Department has held fire safety and prevention courses for over twenty years for all ages. You can learn more about these classes here. The East Side Fire Department of East Baton Rouge has guides on many topics, including fireplace safety and senior fire safety tips

Stay Safe This Winter Season With Custom Security Systems

Protect yourself against the season’s fire hazards like dry, flammable Christmas trees and even space heaters with a reliable fire alarm system from Custom Security Systems in Baton Rouge. Contact us at 225-927-5535 or make an appointment to create the best fire safety plan for your needs with a free quote. We hope to hear from you soon.