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Choosing The Right Security Camera Company In Baton Rouge

Have you ever been curious about what’s going on in your home? Keeping your home safe and secure is a necessity for any homeowner—when you’re home and away. By adding cameras and other devices to your home, you’re doing yourself a favor by getting the security you need. And while it’s true that there are many low-quality options on the market, it’s important to go with the options that work to meet your needs.

That’s why at Custom Security Systems we make it a point to give you the best system available. Our team is committed to keeping both your home and family safe with systems designed for protection. Discover more about why getting a security camera from a local, trustworthy company in Baton Rouge is the right choice for you.

Invest In High Quality

Do-it-yourself cameras from online retailers might seem like a great deal. Unfortunately, these systems cannot compare to a professionally installed and maintained system. When you choose these DIY camera systems, you’re often getting simple “plug-and-play” systems. A proper, professional camera system is set up and calibrated by professionals who know their craft. At Custom Security, we also offer a “health report” for the system to make sure the DVR is functioning properly and have tech support always available after installation. Invest in a security camera company in Baton Rouge you can really trust.

Custom Security Camera Features

A big problem do-it-yourself security cameras systems often run into is video quality. With these systems, you might be able to see someone snooping around your property. But without the proper equipment, you might not be able to identify the individual. With some others, you’re lucky if they give you more than just a frozen frame.

But at Custom Security, we understand how important a camera system is to your safety. That’s why our cameras offer more detailed views than the typical do-it-yourself cameras. To make identification easier, our cameras feature 24/7 color capabilities. That means you can have full HD security in both daytime and nighttime. Combined with our analytics that allow you to get customized alerts, you can see who’s at your door in high definition in an instant.

We also offer cameras with auto-tracking software, which is incredibly useful to use for the exterior of the home. With our Neighborhood Cameras, you can pick up an incredible amount  of detail. Neighborhoods can use overhead cameras throughout their subdivision and even license plate cameras at entrances to the neighborhood. For your convenience, our cameras save footage directly to a DVR or storage device. And because they have the ability to connect to the internet, a live feed is accessible from your tablet or smartphone. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to keep your family and your home safe.

We understand that with technology constantly evolving, customers want the best security system for their needs. With our systems, we make the most out of what the equipment can do and then set it up for you. Easy, right?

Call For A Free Quote

When it comes to deciding who will secure your home and family, make the choice Baton Rouge residents have been making since 1977. With more than 40 years of home security experience, Custom Security knows what it takes to keep you and your family safe. We offer a full range of hardware, software, and services that can help give you the peace of mind you deserve. You can call us at 225.927.5535 or fill out a form online to get a free quote on our security systems. So, if you’re looking for a security camera company in Baton Rouge or the surrounding areas, Custom Security is here to help.