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Find Security Through Our Alarm Company In Baton Rouge, LA

Your home is more than just a building. In fact, it probably has nearly everything you own inside, right? If anything happened, your assets could take a significant loss. Thankfully, there’s a way to protect your home, even when you’re gone. By choosing the right alarm company in Baton Rouge, your home will be safer than ever. But why should you choose security? Custom Security Systems is here to increase safety for you and everyone in your home.

Worth The Investment

If you’re wondering if alarm systems are worth the investment, you’re not alone. There are multiple studies that show us how likely alarm systems are to deter burglars and intruders from entering your home. Burglars are looking for easy targets, and homes without alarm systems have big bullseyes. 

One study conducted by the University of North Carolina researched the motivations and methods of over 400 convicted burglars. More than 80% in this study reported they would search for a security system before attempting a burglary. Sixty percent said they would abandon the targeted home if it had a security system. Having a system in place is a simple way to keep the intruders at bay!

The truth is, even neighborhoods with low crime rates are vulnerable to intruders. Through our Refer a Friend program, not only can you get $50, you can spread safety throughout your whole neighborhood. 

Security Tailored To You

While everyone needs safety, your security needs are uniquely your own. When you schedule a free evaluation, we’ll do a visit and go over each layer of security available to determine the right package for you. Our options include a pet-immune motion detector, alarm systems, and more. 

Of course, security systems aren’t helpful unless you actually use them. That’s why we only provide user-friendly alarm systems with remotes, arming reminders, and smartphone capabilities. It’s never been easier to be this safe!

Local Alarm Monitoring Advantage

Custom Security is an alarm company based right here in Baton Rouge. In fact, we are the only local security company with a monitoring station here in town! We understand your security needs here since south Louisiana residents have put their trust in us to ensure their safety. We guarantee our employees are not only drug-free, but are also licensed by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal and background-checked by Louisiana State Police. That way, you know our workers are the best of the best.

Trust us to answer your call for help. Because we don’t use subcontractors or an answering service, your call will always go directly to our Baton Rouge-based operators. We’re available 24/7—including holidays!

Schedule Your Evaluation

You already have a lot to worry about every day, so let Custom Security help! As your expert alarm company in Baton Rouge, you can count on us to keep you and your family safe at home. Go online or call 225.927.5535 to schedule your free home security evaluation today. We can’t wait to help you feel safe!