Neighborhood Cameras mounted on exterior wall

Why You Need Neighborhood Cameras in Louisiana

In 2020, Louisiana ranked in the top five most dangerous states for violent crime, according to the FBI. Violent crime has risen 5% since 2019 and is the highest spike in homicide rates in history. The security of your home and neighborhood has never been more important. Louisiana homeowners need to take security measures to protect themselves and their loved ones. Custom Security Systems can help you lock down the best security for your home, but what about taking security measures beyond your property? Neighborhood cameras help create a larger dome of security for you and your neighbors in Louisiana. Living in a safe neighborhood can offer some safety, but setting up neighborhood cameras can help keep your community safe. 

Why Are Neighborhood Security Cameras Necessary?

You are less likely to fall victim to unfortunate situations under the watch of neighborhood cameras. This is because shady individuals are deterred from committing crimes when they see neighborhood cameras. In the unfortunate case of an incident, security footage can be crucial evidence in the investigation and legal process. Previously, you would cross your fingers and hope a neighbor witnessed something useful. Baton Rouge Police Chief Jeff LeDuff approves the use of these cameras, stating, “I believe in having cameras in my neighborhood and in my home… Neighborhood cameras are a great investigative tool and the evidentiary significance of video in court is invaluable.” The approval of a man who handles crime on a daily basis should tell you exactly how important neighborhood cameras are in Louisiana! 

Options for Neighborhood Cameras in Louisiana

Once you encourage your community to invest in neighborhood cameras, you can rely on Custom Security Systems to handle the rest. Being a full-service company means we handle everything from planning to video footage retrieval. With over 40 years of security excellence under our belt, our industry experience can help identify the security needs of your community. 

Neighborhood cameras typically employ overview cameras and license plate cameras. Overview cameras are installed on posts for a wider view. Multiple cameras can be installed as needed for different viewpoints while maintaining neighborhood aesthetics. License plate cameras work with overview cameras to log information about vehicles and drivers. Due to the high resolution of the cameras, clear images can still be recorded at night. Many neighborhoods invest in electronic gates with access control systems. It is a great way of keeping unwanted visitors from wandering the neighborhood. 

Interested in Neighborhood Cameras in Louisiana? Custom Security Can Help! 

You and your neighborhood deserve a haven from the dangers of the world. Custom Security Systems would be honored to help you achieve this! You can trust us to handle your safety measures with respect. Honeywell recognized Custom Security Systems with Technical Awards, Life Safety awards, and Community Service Awards. For the same reason, Security Dealer Magazine regularly lists us as one of the top 100 security dealers in the country. Don’t underestimate the value of neighborhood cameras from a company you can trust. For more information, call us at 225-927-5535 or fill out a form online. Get the peace of mind you deserve.