4 Ways To Upgrade Your Baton Rouge Home Security

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Baton Rouge Home Security

With Louisiana’s notoriously high crime statistics, Baton Rouge homeowners have always been concerned with their home’s security. Nobody wants to be a sitting duck when disaster strikes. You can avoid this by investing in a home security system you can trust. With over forty years of experience, Custom Security Systems has learned the best approaches for home security to satisfy a variety of clientele. If you want to go beyond the generic ‘out the box’ security system, here are four ways to strengthen your Baton Rouge home security. 

Invest in a Monitored Alarm System 

If you are the target of a break-in, a trustworthy alarm system can make a world of a difference. Custom Security Systems can help create your perfect Baton Rouge home security to protect you even in worst-case scenarios. We are the only Baton Rouge security system with our own 24/7 monitoring system. No matter the hour, we will be there to take your call. Based on your needs, we can add features to the basic system for added layers of security. This can include features such as glass break detectors for windows or an asset protection device to detect when your valuables are accessed. Additionally, you can control your system via your smartphone. You won’t ever have to worry if you remembered to set the alarm. Plus, you can use this feature to check in on your home while away. 

Upgrade Your Doors 

To keep up with modern security demands, your door needs to do more than just keep people out. One thing you can add to your door is a doorbell camera. These cameras let you see who is outside before you unlock the door and put yourself at risk. Not only do they help monitor risks, but they also help you monitor your packages while you’re away. 

Another feature you can add to your doors is a smart door lock. It gives you complete control over who comes and goes from your home from your smartphone or the door’s keypad. By adding a keypad to your door, you eliminate the risk of unnecessary spare keys. Some smart door lock features include auto-lock, user memory systems, and lockout modes. 

Add Security Cameras to Your Baton Rouge Home Security System 

It is impossible to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior all the time. Even if you could stand watch at all hours of the day, video evidence can be extremely useful if unfortunate circumstances arise. Indoor and outdoor cameras are invaluable security features, but they are also extremely practical. You can use them to check in on your loved ones, pets, or in-home workers. Custom Security Systems can help create a home camera security system in your Baton Rouge home. 

Be Smart With a Smart Home 

If you want total control over your home’s security, you may be interested in turning your home into a smart home. With the help of our smart home app, you gain access to a level of control that was previously impossible. It can help you streamline your daily routine with remote light control, climate control, and convenient notifications and reminders. Take control of your home security from anywhere! 

Want More Information About Baton Rouge Home Security?

It is always better to plan for the worst instead of taking the risk with home security. You deserve to feel as safe as possible in your home. Custom Security Systems can help give you that peace of mind! Make an appointment today by filling out our convenient online form or calling us at 225-927-5535. Don’t wait to protect your home.