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What A Smart Thermostat Can Do For You

If you pay your home’s bills, you know that the summer months are particularly brutal on your wallet when it comes to energy usage. And for those of us in Louisiana, it’s never a little bit of an increase. It seems like it’s nearly double what it is compared to other times of the year. But, with a Smart Thermostat from Custom Security, you can take control of your electricity bill while increasing your comfort.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat vs. A Traditional Thermostat

Thermostats have progressed much since they were first made in homes in 1906. In fact, the first Smart Thermostat wasn’t put on the market till 2017—only three years ago! But, how can a WiFi thermostat help you in ways a traditional one cannot?

  • Save on bills. Money is the biggest reason people make the switch. No one wants to spend an arm and a leg every single summer just because the AC was left on. But with our Smart Thermostat, you can have more control, and therefore save more money on bills. 
  • Control the temperature from anywhere. Speaking of control, Smart Thermostats often come with their own apps as well. The best of these WiFi thermostat apps can be used anywhere and at any time. 
  • Set a temperature for any time. Many smart thermostats allow you to also set a specific temperature for different times of the day. Do you prefer to be warmer at night but crisp and cold in the morning? Set your thermostat, and don’t worry about it.

A Smart Thermostat can offer you much more than a traditional thermostat, especially with a company that goes above and beyond. But what else do we offer at Custom Security? 

What Custom Security Can Do For You

In this business, safety and comfort is our focus. At Custom Security, our smart devices, including our thermostats, are made so our customers can feel safe and be comfortable while getting the most out of our products. What extra features do our Smart Thermostats offer?

  • Extreme temperature settings allow your thermostat to automatically adjust if it gets too cold or hot outside. These temperatures are based on real-time local weather for maximum efficiency.
  • Curious about how much your system is really doing? With our heating and cooling reports, you’ll receive a monthly summary of performance and temperatures, how much your system ran, and how much you interact with your thermostat. With these reports, you can see if any aspects, such as schedules, need to change and how much your system is actually performing. Who knows, you may even find areas where you can increase your system’s efficiency. Setting up a schedule could help you save money on your bill.
  • Because we connect the thermostat to your security system, the thermostat can automatically shut off when smoke or CO detectors go into alarm. Why is this important? By shutting off, we can help prevent smoke or poisonous gas from spreading throughout the home. 
  • We take geo-location services a bit further than most at Custom Security. With our systems, we actually use a “Smart Away” service that adjusts the temperature when no one is home.

At Custom Security, we know you deserve the best of the WiFi thermostat apps available. So, why wait any longer? Get in touch with our team to get started with our systems and the best choice of WiFi thermostat apps for your home.

The Right Choice in WiFi Thermostat Apps

Trust in Custom Security when you’re looking through top-rated WiFi thermostat apps. If you have a question about our products or services, give us a call at 225.927.5535. We’re always happy to help you be more comfortable while saving you money.