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Senior Care With Our Smart Home Company

We’re all facing our own day-to-day challenges, and some have had the additional challenge of taking care of their elders while they’re at home. In the face of a global pandemic, this task is more challenging now than ever. If your elders are staying at home during this time, how do you know that they’re safe when you’re not there? Our team at Custom Security Systems understands the care and compassion that needs to go into these decisions. And, as a smart home company, our products are meant to integrate with your daily life to make things easier for you. Discover more about how Custom Security System’s Wellness Services can help.

Common Dangers for Elders

Some reasons why people need the best safety devices for their seniors are dementia and Alzheimer’s. These confusing diseases cause multiple issues for suffering seniors, and since you can’t always be there, it’s important to still monitor their safety. Imagine being able to receive notifications when Mom gets out of bed. Experience peace of mind knowing that the medicine cabinet was opened on time for daily medicine. All of this is possible with the power of Wellness Services. It’s time to move your caregiving into the 21st century.

How Wellness Can Help

We all want to put our loved ones’ safety first. Luckily, Wellcam makes that easy. Because Wellcam is a peek-in camera and only five inches tall, it’s portable, compact, and doesn’t take up too much space. The Wellcam features a 180-degree view and a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) technology that focuses on areas that are normally out of range. 

Additionally, the Wellcam also comes equipped with a call button and two-way audio. If your elderly family member needs something, they can easily get your attention. It’s also an easy way to keep in touch, especially since we can’t see them in-person as much. 

On top of that, Wellness has the ability to closely monitor activity, so that you can always know what’s happening. Additionally, it can detect changes in their mobility and provide fall alerts when time matters most. There’s even a device called Connected Car that can plug into a vehicle and provide live status updates such as the vehicle being turned on, or when maintenance is required. Our Wellness Services allows them to be safe on the road and at home and gives caregivers the tools they need to take care of their loved ones from anywhere.

Contact Our Smart Home Company Today!

Are you looking to get your own Wellness system? We’re more than happy to help you out! Feel free to begin by giving us a call at 225.927.5535 for a free quote. Our team can see which systems are best for you. And these can include additional cameras, door locks, or even something like our fire system. As your trusted smart home company, we’re happy to help you figure out a safety plan for your home. 

Have any additional questions about our company, systems, or how we can assist you? Give us a call or even set up an appointment. We’re more than happy to help and can’t wait to hear from you!